Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tin Sucker Dekko DS 4

Dekko tin deconger with length 235 mm and diameter of tube / valve 26 mm.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

P8751BH micro chip

8-bit microcontroller MCS-51 family oriented control.
  • 40-pin DIP packaging
  • 12MHz working frequency (max)
  • Working voltage of 5VDC
  • Number of i / o 32
  • 8051 Architecture
  • Memory size of 4k Byte program
  • 128 byte volatile data memory size
  • Timer / counter Timer / Counter 16-bit
  • UART peripheral interface

datasheet: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BzkNNhuEnaF-aHlxdDJfczBPM00

TD62004AP chip 16-DIP

TD62004AP chip 16-DIP 7-channel Darlington Sink Driver
datasheet http://www.toshiba.com/taec/components2/Datasheet_Sync//393/7032.pdf


IC RTC with I²C interface in NSOIC-8 pin packaging. It has been integrated with MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical Systems).

- Full function for calendar, hour (second, minute, hour, day, date, month and year).
- Accuracy timekeeping ± 5 ppm (± 0.432 sec / day) with working temperature -45 ° C to 85 ° C.
- Output 1 Hz and 32,768 kHz.
- Power supply: 2.3V - 5.5V.


Friday, January 12, 2018

74HC74A SOIC-14 chip

Dual D-type Flip-Flops (with Preset and Clear)

  • 2 -6 VDC power supply
  • 14-lead SOIC packaging
  • Function D Flip-flop with preset and clear
  • Propagation delay 150 ns
  • Level of voltage i / o TTl

SD Card memory 8 GB V-GEN

SD card V-GEN brand with a memory capacity of 8 GB. This memory is included in the class 6 SD card, which is capable of reading data at a maximum speed of 25 MB / s and capable of writing data with a maximum speed of 12.3 MB / s.
It is suitable when used as a storage medium for digital cameras.

- Type: SD card
- Capacity: 8 GB
- Class: Class 6
- Read Speed: 25 MB / s
- Write Speed: 12.3 MB / s
- Dimensions: 32 x 24 mm

Dekko multimeter probe

Dekko multimeter probe with cable length 120 cm.

Stanley Digital Voltage Tester

Stanley Digital Voltage Tester

is a portable voltage measuring device with 2 methods of measurement, contact and contactless. This means that this device can be used to measure voltage by touching the probe to a voltage source directly (contact) or can also be used to measure the voltage without touching the source of voltage directly (contactless).

To display the reading result, the LCD graph has been provided 0.75 ".The device is compatible for 12 - 220V voltage range either AC or DC.

DS2422S chip

DS2422S chips are temperature sensors in which there are real time clock (RTC), memory, serial interface for ADC, dataloggers, and 1-Wire interface.

datasheet https://datasheets.maximintegrated.com/en/ds/DS2422.pdf

Thursday, January 11, 2018


16 bit CMOS ADC
- Sampling rate of 250 kSPS
- 16 bit resolution
- Parallel Interface (8/16 Bits) and Serial 5V / 3V
- Supply 5V
- Package LQFP-48